Communication Champions


Once you have attended Me first training you too could be a Me first Communication Champion


What it means to be a Me first Communication Champion

Communication Champions are really important for keeping communication with children and young people high on the agenda in the clinical setting. The role is essential in embedding changes into practice and helping to disseminate new ideas. As a Me first communication champion you will be a health or social care professional trained in the Me first model and children and young people centred communication techniques who is dedicated to improving child and young person centred communication in your teams and organisations. The Me first communication champion resource pack has been created to help you to introduce the topic of children and young people centred communication within your workplace and to help you to facilitate small changes in the everyday practice of others. With the overall goal of embedding children and young people centred communication into health and social care settings across the country.

The Me first team are on hand to support you via the [email protected] email, the Communication Champions’ network events, newsletter and electronic network, which will facilitate peer support and your own on-going learning.

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You and the other Communication Champions are able to share ideas that show best practice using the Communication Champions email network. The Me first team would also love to hear from you about what is and isn’t working.

Job Description

A Me first Communication Champion will:

  • act as a positive role model for Me first following attendance at a Me first masterclass
  • use Me first training to underpin the role of Communication Champion, helping to widen the impact of Me first and embed lasting change
  • provide support within their specific clinical setting to help their colleagues to develop an understanding of the importance of communication with children and young people
  • facilitate small changes to the everyday practice of others by encouraging individual and team goal-setting
  • be someone who will recognise resistance to change and be able to provide support to their colleagues through it
  • share best practice and inspire others around them to do the same
  • engage with and attend as many Communication Champion events as able
  • maintain links with other Communication Champions via email network
  • share resources, successes and challenges with the network which will help improve communication with children and young people
  • look out for new ideas and design new resources from other settings and share them with members of the Me first champions network
  • use the Whose Shoes?® pack to aid colleagues recognise different perspectives and communication challenges they may have with children and young people and their families and find ways of improving these (pack licensed for one year see ‘agreement letter’).

Communication Champion

    Please register here if you would like to attend one of the network events at NCVO, 8 All Saints Street, London