Twitter is a great way to get involved in the health community and keep up to date with all things #CYPMefirst. This page will feature reports from our quarterly Twitter chats, and updates, resources and links from the Twittersphere which relate to Me first and children and young person centred communication.

#CYPMefirst Tweetdeck guide

Tweetdeck enables you to keep track of what’s going on in your Twitter timeline. We’ve written a how to guide to help get you started – download here

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#CYPMefirst Twitter chat archives

The Me first team regularly host Twitter chats in which we discuss specific questions relating to children and young people-centred communication.

You can read over our past Twitter chats which are categorised by date below. The transcript is a complete list of every tweet that was generated from each chat, and the reports are summarised versions of each chat.

Transcript 12/09/2017       Report 12/09/2017

Transcript 12/07/2017       Report 12/07/2017

Transcript 24/05/2017      Report 24/05/2017

Transcript 27/03/2017      Report 27/03/2017

Transcript 25/01/2017      Report 25/01/2017

Transcript 28/11/2016      Report 28/11/2016

Transcript 13/09/2016     Report 13/09/2016


#WeCommunities Twitter tips…

#CYPMefirst Twitter chat tips!

In advance of our #CYPMefirst Twitter chat this evening 8-9pm, we have written a list of tips for novice Twitter chatters to help them get involved…

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#CYPMefirst Twitter chat!

Wednesday 24th May 8-9pm

The topic is: “Opening up difficult conversations with children and young people around health and social care”

The questions we will ask on the day will be:

  • 1)How does CYP-centred communication affect experiences of care?
  • 2)Are there any words or phrases you use to open up difficult conversations?
  • 3)Do you have any top tips for opening up difficult conversations?

We are looking forward to chatting with you! Please remember to use the hashtag #CYPMefirst in all tweets, and reply to comments.

#CYPMefirst Twitter guide

If you have yet to take the leap into the world of Twitter, we have written a Me first twitter guide to help get you started…

Download Me first twitter guide PDF