How do I know that you want to listen to me?

Show me that you want to listen to me

How do I know that you want to listen to me?

  • Introduce yourself to me first #Hellomynameis
  • Give me an overview of the key steps of the conversation
  • If my parents are with me
    • Let me know that you want to hear from me first and then my parents so we all know that we will be heard
    • Check whether I want to speak to you alone

Young people say

boy1 The amount of times I go in and they don’t introduce themselves. They must introduce themselves so many times; they forget they haven’t met me yet. I had to go to the emergency department the other week, and there was a nurse and she was good, she introduced herself straight away. And then the triage nurse, and she was like ‘Right, what’s the issue?’ with no introduction. Child or Young Person Some don’t even say ‘hello, my name is… how are you?’. It’s hard to talk to them about sensitive things as it is, especially if they don’t even introduce themselves. Child or Young Person You see 30 people in a day. We see 1 person. So you’re going to leave your mark on us. Child or Young Person

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