How do you know what is important to me?

Explore my views and preferences

How do you know what is important to me?

  • Ask me
  • what I think would work best for me and my life
    • about my beliefs or expectations about my health
    • if there is anything I’m worried or unsure about
  • Find out my hopes, aims and goals as these will influence my choices
  • Discuss whether my choices will help me to achieve these goals
  • Acknowledge and respond to my ideas, feelings, and values

Young people say

boy2 All they’ve got is notes on the computer and when I walk in they seem to know everything about me … without even knowing me. I am notes to them. Child or Young Person Young people should be involved in their decisions because it’s our life. Everything’s got to be focused on how we’re going to live our life and how it’s going to impact us. Child or Young Person

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