What will happen next?

Summarise the conversation, check our understanding and help me to remember

What will happen next?

  • Summarise and check
    • That we have covered everything
    • If I have any questions
    • That I know what I need to do and look out for
    • That I am clear about what to expect next, what to do if something differs from the agreed plan and how any changes will be communicated with me
    • What will help me to remember this conversation?

Young people say

boy4 When I go to the doctor’s, he’s really good. He explains everything to me fine, there’s no jargon involved. But when it comes to what I’m actually supposed to do to treat whatever ailment I have, he doesn’t explain it that well. Like he will explain it throughout the conversation, but he doesn’t summarise it. Like, at the end of the conversation you just want them to repeat and say ‘you’ve got this, you need to do this, this and this to sort it.’ One clear cut way, so you remember everything is to make some notes to take away. Child or Young Person Please can we have medications and side effects explained to us. Not just to our parents, to us. We don’t just want to get prescribed a medicine and leave. We want to know what to expect, to know what to look for if something goes wrong with it. Child or Young Person If you ask if I’ve understood and I say no, then try and explain it to me in a different way. My doctor just said exactly the same thing twice. If I didn’t get it the first time, the second time wasn’t going to be any different! Child or Young Person

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