Why am I here?

Help us all (you, me and my parents) to get a shared understanding of why I am here, my goals, and what the problem is

Why am I here?

  • Find out why I think I am here—ask me first and then my parents
  • Ask me about all of my concerns, about my life and not just my conditions or symptoms
  • Explain to me why I am seeing you specifically
  • Talk with me about why you think I’m here
  • Share information with me to help me to understand my health

Young people say

girl In a meeting with you, give me time to voice my concerns. Child or Young Person If I am lucky I might get introduced to who I am seeing, but that doesn’t mean they have told me why I am seeing them. Child or Young Person Sometimes when my mum takes me to see the doctor we have different ideas about what the problem is and they always listen to her. Child or Young Person

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