Audiance: Commissioners

My Family Our Needs

A resource for parents of children with additional needs

Key data on young people

A collection of newly updated data about young people’s health in the UK.

Guide to Producing Health Information for Children and Young People

A guide for producing child and young person-friendly information about health.

Roger Hart’s Ladder of Children’s Participation

A resource to help in the co-design and delivery of health and care services for and with children and young people.

Raising our Sights guides

A series of how-to guides and films to help local areas meet the needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Communication and people with the most complex needs

A report about what works in communication with people with complex needs.

If you listen, you will hear us

A video showing how people with PMLD interact with staff, and how staff use their expertise to best communicate.

Valuing the Views of Children with a Learning Disability

Audience: healthcare professionals, commissioners This booklet is a resource for anyone involved in supporting children with learning disabilities, including: • Professionals responsible for developing Education, Health and Care plans for children with learning disabilities (EHCPs) • Professionals conducting Care, Education and Treatment reviews (CETRs) for children with learning disabilities in hospital settings or community CETRs…

Teens in hospital video

A video exploring ways to improve the hospital experience for young people.

What makes an ideal nurse? A teen and children’s perspective

This booklet presents findings from research about what young people believe makes an ideal nurse.