Audiance: Commissioners

Top tips for participation: What young disabled people want

This poster lists a series of tips for involving young disabled people in participation.

The Fifteen Steps Challenge: Toolkit for children & young people

Quality from a patient’s perspective; A children and young people’s toolkit

National Care Leavers Week: top tips for co-creating with young people

These tips set out an approach to successful co-creation with young people.

Involving children and young people in specialised commissioning

Guidance about how to involve children and young people in Specialised Commissioning procedures.

What is people-centred care?

A short video by the World Health Organisation which introduces and explains the concept of people-centred care.

Prescription pad: How to improve services for young people in London

A guide to what young people want from GP’s and health services in their area.

Transition Toolkit for Providers and Guidance for Commissioners

A single point of access to a pathway, resources and key guidance regarding transition for healthcare providers and commissioners.

Transition for young people and being seen alone

An informative leaflet for young people and their carers about being seen alone and to assist with transition from child to adult services.

CC4C – Connecting Care for Children

Connecting Care for Children (CC4C) is changing the way that children’s healthcare is commissioned, delivered and experienced in London by making the expertise of paediatricians in hospitals much more widely available. It is developing creative ways to improve engagement and communication with young people.

Not Just a Phase – A guide to the participation of children and young people in health service

The publication provides information to ensure the safe, meaningful and ethical participation of children and young people within the delivery of quality child health services. It also practically demonstrates how we can contribute towards creating a culture of participation.