Audiance: Healthcare Professionals

My Family Our Needs

A resource for parents of children with additional needs

Key data on young people

A collection of newly updated data about young people’s health in the UK.

Guide to Producing Health Information for Children and Young People

A guide for producing child and young person-friendly information about health.

Roger Hart’s Ladder of Children’s Participation

A resource to help in the co-design and delivery of health and care services for and with children and young people.

Young Minds: Addressing childhood adversity and trauma

A guide for frontline healthcare professionals about addressing childhood adversity and trauma.

BMA Children & Young People Ethics Toolkit

An ethics toolkit for healthcare professionals delivering care to children and young people.

Videos about using Talking Mats with school-age children and teens

A video that shows a way of helping CYPs to express their thoughts, opinions & wishes using Talking Mats.

CYP feedback form

A feedback form for children following an interaction with a health or social care professional.


An app providing guidance about developmentally appropriate healthcare.

Listen to us: Consultations with children, young people and families living with different sex development

A report about having consultations with children, young people and families living with different sex development.