Audiance: Parents

My Family Our Needs

A resource for parents of children with additional needs

Young Minds: Your guide to CAMHS

A beginner’s guide to the NHS’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for young people and parents.

My Hospital Journey

A booklet to help prepare a child for a hospital visit.

Little Hearts Matter: Preparation for Hospital

A webpage with advice about how to prepare children for the later stages of surgery or for a hospital admission for a cardiac catheter

Guide to Producing Health Information for Children and Young People

A guide for producing child and young person-friendly information about health.

My Care Transfer

A bespoke digital platform designed to help families looking after seriously ill children to communicate effectively with care professionals.

Videos about using Talking Mats with school-age children and teens

A video that shows a way of helping CYPs to express their thoughts, opinions & wishes using Talking Mats.

Hidden health – a parent-led card and toolkit

A toolkit for parents to help raise awareness of hidden health conditions such as epilepsy, asthma, heart conditions and mental health needs.

Questions I Wish My Parents Had Asked Me

A poster with quotes about things people wished their parents had asked them.

Raising our Sights guides

A series of how-to guides and films to help local areas meet the needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.