Audiance: Young People

My Family Our Needs

A resource for parents of children with additional needs

Let’s talk about sex, intimacy and relationships…

An interactive video for young people with life limiting conditions about sex, intimacy and relationships.

Freddie gets a letter

A short film to encourage young people not to worry about coming into hospital. 

Young Minds: Your guide to CAMHS

A beginner’s guide to the NHS’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for young people and parents.

Little Hearts Matter: Preparation for Hospital

A webpage with advice about how to prepare children for the later stages of surgery or for a hospital admission for a cardiac catheter

A website with easy read health information for children and young people with learning disabilities.

My Care Transfer

A bespoke digital platform designed to help families looking after seriously ill children to communicate effectively with care professionals.

Giving feedback about your health service as a child or young person

A video and example letter/template explaining how CYPs can give feedback about an experience within a health service.


An app providing guidance about developmentally appropriate healthcare.

NHS Youth Forum: Peer Support Resources

A collection of peer support resources for young people.