Our first #CYPMefirst Twitter chat

We hosted our first twitter chat in September to discuss all things related to children and young people centred communication. Here's how it went...

Author: Sarah Lea

Our first #CYPMefirst Twitter chat

17th November 2016

We had our first Twitter chat on September 13th 2016 from 8 – 9 pm and the evening was a great success. The main aim of the twitter chat was to spread awareness of Me first to a wider audience and to discuss the importance of and tips for successful children and young person centred communication.…

Ollie and His Super Powers come to support Me first Healthcare Professionals

18th July 2016

Alison realised that emotions needed to be something a child can see as well as feel, in order to take control of them. By creating Ollie and making his emotions in to super powers, Alison has given children a simplistic but powerful method of deciding what they feel and when. Ollie and his super powers…