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An app providing guidance about developmentally appropriate healthcare.

MeeTwo (Tellmi): A Safe Social Media Solution To Improve Teenage Wellbeing

An app for young people which provides peer support, expert help, inbuilt educational and creative resources as well as in app links to UK charities and helplines. Meetwo is now rebranded as “tellmi”

Wiki-Me (Rebranded as Multi Me): a family held digital information sharing and communication tool

A new digital platform being developed and trialled with CYPs with special educational needs and disabilities, their families and the people who work with them. Now rebranded as ‘Multi me’

Hetty’s Hospital app

This free app helps children reduce their anxiety when visiting the hospital.


An app to help young people take greater control over their health.

Give yourself a… HEALTHCIC

An app that enables children and young people to record health information about themselves, along with their immunisation history, birth history, appointments etc.

Blood Quest

Bloodquest is a preparation tool to help prepare children for blood tests by helping them to find out about blood and what happens during a blood test. It was developed in conjunction with children and designed to be fun and informative.

Emollizoo App

An app produced by the National Eczema Society to help support children and carers in managing eczema.

Mind Of My Own One

An app that helps young people express their views more clearly, get more involved in meetings and make better decisions.