Content Type: Video or Film

Let’s talk about sex, intimacy and relationships…

An interactive video for young people with life limiting conditions about sex, intimacy and relationships.

Freddie gets a letter

A short film to encourage young people not to worry about coming into hospital. 

Giving feedback about your health service as a child or young person

A video and example letter/template explaining how CYPs can give feedback about an experience within a health service.

Videos about using Talking Mats with school-age children and teens

A video that shows a way of helping CYPs to express their thoughts, opinions & wishes using Talking Mats.

NHS Youth Forum: Peer Support Resources

A collection of peer support resources for young people.

If you listen, you will hear us

A video showing how people with PMLD interact with staff, and how staff use their expertise to best communicate.

Teens in hospital video

A video exploring ways to improve the hospital experience for young people.

Children Coming to Hospital videos

Two short animations and a comic strip which aim to make hospital visits better for children.

Children tell us what they value most from their doctor

Children explain what doctors can do to make them feel better.

‘Just Breathe’

Short film ‘Just Breathe’ helps children to manage their emotions.