Model Stage: What will happen next?

Freddie gets a letter

A short film to encourage young people not to worry about coming into hospital. 

Young Minds: Your guide to CAMHS

A beginner’s guide to the NHS’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for young people and parents.

My Hospital Journey

A booklet to help prepare a child for a hospital visit.

My Care Transfer

A bespoke digital platform designed to help families looking after seriously ill children to communicate effectively with care professionals.

NHS Youth Forum: Peer Support Resources

A collection of peer support resources for young people.

Talking to children about dying

A guide with tips for talking to children about death.

A checklist to a good transition

A checklist aimed at improving the experiences of young people moving from familiar children’s services into adult services.


Being honest and open is key -communicating to those involved about what to expect, what’s a normal time frame, why there’s a change in plan and what this means.

The little book about kidneys

A guide for children about kidney disease and treatment.

My parents are separating: children’s guide to family court

A children’s guide to family court.