Our first #CYPMefirst Twitter chat

We hosted our first twitter chat in September to discuss all things related to children and young people centred communication. Here's how it went...

We had our first Twitter chat on September 13th 2016 from 8 – 9 pm and the evening was a great success. The main aim of the twitter chat was to spread awareness of Me first to a wider audience and to discuss the importance of and tips for successful children and young person centred communication. We harnessed the enthusiam and knowledge of our team of fantastic ‘Communications Champions’ in the chat to help us do this.

The team members that took part had a fantastic time and the hour absolutely flew by! The chat yielded…

987,568 impressions
569 tweets
89 participants
6 tweets on average per participant

The wordle below gives a great visual of some of the key words that were used in the twitter chat:


As you can imagine, we have been left with a taste for tweeting and a hunger for more chatting! Please join us in the future – whether you have some tips or ideas to share about communicating with children and young people, or simply want to follow the conversation and see what we chat about, all are welcome. The more the merrier!

Our next twitter chat will be hosted on Monday 28th November from 8-9pm, with a focus on communicating with children and young people with learning disabilities.

We look foward to tweeting and meeting you!


Me first Project Support Officer


Please see the links below for a full report and transcript from September’s twitter chat.