A checklist to a good transition


Audience: healthcare professionals, young people, parents

‘A checklist to a good transition’ is a resource from charity Together For Short Lives and supported by the Bupa UK Foundation, aimed at improving the experiences of young people moving from familiar children’s services into adult services, a process known as transition.

‘A checklist to a good transition’ is designed for seriously ill young people to assess how well agencies involved in their education and care are working together to enable a smooth transition. In particular, the checklist focuses on enabling young people to play an active role in planning and decision-making, whilst acknowledging the ongoing role parents and carers will likely play in their care.

The checklist itself is targeted at young people aged 14-18+ and addresses three pivotal points in transition:

  1. Preparing for adulthood: aimed at young people who have started talking about their plans for the future with teachers and care providers
  2. Preparing for moving on: aimed at young people who have a transition plan in place and are moving towards transferring to adult services
  3. Settling into adult services: aimed at young people who have made the transition to adult services and are continuing to receive help and information to thrive in adulthood.

While the resource is intended to be used by young people and their families, it can also be a useful tool to guide person-centred discussions between professionals, young people and their family members. Professionals may find that the questions asked in the checklist are good prompts for conversations around transition and advance care planning.

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