CC4C – Connecting Care for Children

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Audience – healthcare professionals, commissioners

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Connecting Care for Children (CC4C) is changing the way that children’s healthcare is commissioned, delivered and experienced in London by making the expertise of paediatricians in hospitals much more widely available. It is developing creative ways to improve engagement and communication with young people.

It represents a new way of working by supporting GPs so that children can access the best possible advice and care within home and community settings.

Driven by paediatricians at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, with local GPs, commissioning leads and social care partners, CC4C addresses the disproportionately high rates of paediatric A&E use and paediatric outpatient attendance across North West London.  It has been included within the Commissioning Intentions of five of the eight North West London Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Citizens, patients, carers, families and parents will be offered the opportunity to become involved in the care provision and the shaping of clinical services for their local community. Practice Champions will have an interest in an area of child healthcare. They will highlight the needs of their community and set up events and weekly groups to support children with a health condition; providing a link between the local population and their clinicians. To do this the Champion will have specialist training to ensure that they can support and mentor the needs of those children, parents and carers that attend the group. Champions will support via their GP practice and build relationships with members of their community, bridging the gap between a GP and the patient.


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