Children, Young People and Health Participation – NCB


Audience – healthcare professionals

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This poster outlines the National Children’s Bureau (NCB)research about what children and young people find helps them be involved in the management of their healthcare.

Children and young people want:

• To be supported by health professionals who are confident in communicating directly with them and with whom they are able to build a relationship. They do not want to explain their experiences to, or hear the same information from, different doctors each time.
• Processes such as; privacy, consent, decision making, to be explained particularly where there are numerous individuals involved, e.g. if a child is looked after or is in transition between services.
• To choose how and to what extent their parents/carers are involved in their care and decision-making. Control over this includes being able to request time alone with the professional and being able to vary the involvement of parents/carers depending on the appointment or issue being discussed.
• Communication that is adapted to individuals’ needs and capabilities.
• To understand why a particular course of action is being taken and to be involved in agreeing next steps.



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