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Audience: healthcare professionals

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In TB Contact Tracing, communication with the child or young person often revolves around the health questionnaire which can sometimes be a rather  rigid process  between the health professional and child or young person. It  does not always allow for an opportunity to build rapport, encourage open communication or address a child or young person’s main concern which, in the case of TB is usually the skin test.  To improve on this, cartoon illustrations were sourced from the TB charity, TB Alert.  The London TB Contact Tracing Team then made this into a simple poster.  

The poster is a visual aid that can help children and young people to feel more comfortable to answer questions, make the assessment easier and can help build a rapport.  The  cartoon illustrations show symptoms of TB and includes a list of the risk factors on the reverse.  It  is particularly helpful in environments where consultations happen between multiple nurses and children in schools. The child or young person can point to a picture that represents any signs or symptoms that may be affecting them instead of having to try and explain a symptom or state it out loud.  This  avoids any embarrassment for the child with the nurse and helps eliminate the fear of their peers hearing. 

This resource was produced by London TB Extended Contact Tracing Team (LTBEx).

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