Always explore my wellbeing, safety and relationships

Always explore my wellbeing, safety and relationships

  • Show that you are interested about my safety and wellbeing
  • Be curious and follow my lead
  • Always explore and ask whether I feel safe, and think about exploring
    • My relationships
    • My health, wellbeing and mental health
    • Where I spend my time, how I spend my time and who I spend my time with.

Young people say

“Ask general questions about what I’ve been up to and things like that first to ease into the conversation. It puts us at ease and shows us you’re interested in us.” Young Person

“If professionals are honest, open and ask you directly about difficult issues, it helps you to trust them. We know it’s not easy to talk about these things, so if a professional asks you about them it helps you know they care about you and you might feel more able to talk to them.” Young Person

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“I think opening up the conservation is the hardest part. If you open up with general things like what they did at the weekend, what they’re watching on TV. Once you start, it makes young people relax and then it’s easier to open up about more difficult topics.”


“Healthcare workers need to remember that what young people have said they have come for might not be the real reason. They need to help young people to open up and be honest if they have really come to talk about something else. They could say, “is this the only reason you have come today or are there other things you would like to talk about too?”

Young Person

“Remember - what we say we’ve come for might not be the real reason. When you go to some doctors, you have to say on the phone why you want the appointment, and then when you go you have to say what you’re really there for, which can be really hard. Maybe they could ask ‘is this the only reason you came?’ so you can say ‘actually, no, this is the reason’.”

Young Person

“Young people can feel worried or suspicious when you start asking them questions, so I say to young people: ‘I’ve got lots of questions to ask you. I ask these to everyone as it’s important I check how are you are and that you feel safe.”

Sexual Health Nurse

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