Train the trainer

This course is for people who have attended a Me first Fundamentals and at least one of our other advanced courses and would like the opportunity to become a Me first trainer.  The training is suitable for health and social care professionals and Young Advisors.

Aims of Train the Trainer:

  • To prepare potential trainers for delivering the Me first Fundamentals Foundation course and any of our advanced courses after completing the Me first Fundamentals Train the Trainer programme
  • To work collaboratively to help develop each other as Me first trainers.
  • To develop candidates’ confidence and skills in assisting learners to put the Me first communication model into practice.

Course content:

Train the Trainer uses a mixture of group work, lectures and rehearsals to achieve these aims. Trainees then practice co-facilitating the courses with one of our lead trainers before being signed off when they are ready.


In order to ensure on-going quality of future Me first training, all candidates will be assessed by the lead trainers during the course and when co-facilitating courses. Peer and self-assessments will also be included. Lead trainers will decide at the end of the Train the Trainer course which candidates have demonstrated the skills required to become a Me first. After a period of co-training with one of the lead trainers, candidates must be signed off as fully competent before being able to train in their own organisation. The time scale for this training may vary for each individual. All qualified trainers must comply with Me first terms.

Course requirements:

Previous attendance at a Me first Fundamentals and at least one of our advanced courses. Trainers should also have skills and experience in teaching and training.


  • To further develop skills in child and young person-centred communication.
  • To enable you to teach the Me first Fundamentals and other advanced Me first modules within your own organisation.
  • To develop your confidence and skills in presenting and teaching.

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