Communication Champions

Communication Champions


Help us raise awareness of the importance of child and young person-centred communication by becoming a Me first Communication Champion

After attending Me first training, all attendees are eligible to become a Me first champion.

A Me first communication champion is a person who:

  • Applies and promotes children and young people (CYP) centred communication in their work
  • actively encourages and supports colleagues to understand and apply CYP centred communication and shared decision-making with CYPs
  • advocates for CYPs in in their workplace
  • continues to reflect on and develop their own communication skills through self-reflection and CPD (continuous professional development) and encourages peers to do the same.
  • facilitates small changes to the everyday practice of others by encouraging individual and team goal-setting to help embed lasting change
  • helps to keep communication with children and young people high on the agenda in health and social care.
  • shares resources, ideas and successes or challenges within the network to help improve communication with CYPs.

Watch a video of Communication Champions sharing their experience

Benefits of being a Me first communication champion are:

  • Access to exclusive, free Communication Champions events featuring expert guest speakers to further enhance your skills in CYP-centred communication
  • A chance to meet a network of health and care professionals and support one another
  • Access to support for ongoing learning to help apply principles of CYP-centred communication, sharing case studies and challenges with a mixed range of professionals
  • Opportunities to receive direct feedback from experienced professionals about case studies and challenges
  • To have choice and input into what themes and what speakers present at communication champion network events to tailor training to your needs
  • To be a part of a Community of practice that helps to provide and develop innovative ideas
  • A shiny Communication Champions badge!
  • A Communication Champions pack – including laminated resources, pens, post-its, worksheets, models, and a cloth Me first bag.


How is this achieved?

As a network of champions we meet three times a year. The locations for these meetings have been in central London at easily accessible locations. We work collaboratively so attendees have input into the locations and content of the meetings. These sessions involve the following:

  • Expert speakers
  • Time allocated for case studies and peers discussions
  • Sharing of new resources and ideas
  • Facilitated peer to peer learning

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