Tricky Conversations Workshops


Me first 60-90 minute taster sessions offers teams the opportunity to work through a specific scenario relevant for their field of work. This could be a specific, complex situation or a more common situation identified as an area for improvement.

This facilitated space allows for valuable reflection on complex situations and problem solving on how to support professionals’ skills, confidence and expertise in tricky conversations.

This session works well in team meetings or in combination with other departmental or clinical training.

We can create workshops bespoke for your teams. Please get in touch to find out more.


Previous examples of workshops include:

90-minute workshop for oncology chemotherapy nurses exploring how to have tricky conversations with parents and children about their care.

60-minute workshop for specialist respiratory staff working with young adults who are finding it difficult to engage in their treatment to manage a long-term respiratory condition.

90-minute workshop with medics and advanced clinical practitioners exploring how to apply the Me first Fundamentals to clinical case scenarios.


Cost (per workshop)

60-minute workshop £350 (for groups of up to 25 people)

90-minute workshop £475 (for groups of up to 25 people)


What people say about our workshops:

“Really informative and interactive”

“I think this should be a general training that all NHS members of staff should complete”

“LOVED THIS – very personal”