Health Coaching

Coaching aims to help people to become activated and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health and care. Health coaching skills can support clinicians and other health care professionals to develop children’s and young people’s capacity to consider lifestyle changes, and fully participate in their care. Coaching underpins the continuum of shared decision making, person centred care and behaviour change to enable people to have positive conversations about their health.

This training builds on the Me first model of child centred communication to develop skills in health coaching conversations, maximising opportunities to discuss lifestyle factors and setting goals in partnership about health and care needs.

These skills could be particularly useful in a variety of contexts:

  • Opportunistic contacts
  • Health needs reviews
  • Preparing young people for transition to adult services
  • Looked After Child health reviews

This training will explore scenarios from different settings to reflect on practice, and further develop skills in communicating about difficult or sensitive topics.

Upcoming training

Health Coaching 

Health Coaching  –  12:30am – 4:30pm Friday 8th October 2021: £50. GOSH Staff Sign Up  External Sign UP


If you’d like to discuss health coaching training opportunities for 2021 please get in touch: [email protected]