Why is it important?

Children and young person centred communication is important because

  • It enables children and young people to ‘know and understand’ and to feel ‘heard and understood’.
  • It respects children and young people’s right to make choices and decisions about their care and body.
  • It enables children and young people to feel more in control, develop a sense of ownership of their health or condition, and increases treatment adherence.
  • It develops trust and cooperation, and reduces fear, anxiety and resistance.
  • It minimises conflict between children and young people, parents, and health and social care professionals.
  • It improves patient safety and earlier detection of problems, and can prevent healthcare professionals from missing vital information.
  • It encourages help-seeking behaviour, as poor communication can prevent a child or young person accessing health and social care.
  • Shared decision-making and person-centred care can improve health outcomes.