The Me first communication model

Grounded in research the Me first communication model has been developed in partnership with children, young people and healthcare professionals. It highlights the key steps to guide shared decision making and encourage CYP-centred communication.

The Me first communication model

Explore each stage to:

  • Break down the ways of having a conversation with a child or young person
  • Read helpful tips from other health and social care professionals about what works in practice
  • Learn from children and young people about why each step is important
  • Build your own conversation by adapting the Me first model to your own practice

Use a step by step, structured framework of how to speak to young patients… but not like a robot. Child or Young Person

Please use the text boxes on the model step pages to adapt the Me first model to build your own example of what you can do or say in practice to create a child and young person centred conversation. You do this by clicking ‘add to conversation’, you can email your completed text boxes by clicking on ‘review conversation’ and then ‘send’. You do not need to complete all the stages of the model and can email your notes to yourself at any point.

To assist you in further improving your practice we recommend that you also download a copy of our Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle that is available on the resource page.