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Resource Hub

Me first has been developed in partnership with health and social care professionals and children and young people.  We want to collect and grow a hub of resources to share ideas and expertise in communicating with children and young people.  The resource hub aims to promote peer to peer learning and contains resources that health and social care professionals have told us they have found helpful in their practice.

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Children or young people with communication impairments
Health Coaching
Children or young people with hearing impairments
Children or young people with learning disabilities
Mental health
Children or young people with visual impairments
Children and young people’s rights
Life Limiting Conditions
How to deal with issues around confidentiality
How to engage a child or young person
How to see a child or young person alone
How to see a child or young person with their parents
Preparing for procedures
Younger children

Model Stages

Review (Transition Model)
Progress (Transition Model)
How do I know that you want to listen to me?
Always explore my wellbeing, safety and relationships
Always explore my wellbeing
Achieve (Health Coaching Model)
Engage (Health Coaching Model)
Goals (Health Coaching Model)
Options (Health Coaching Model)
Reality (Health Coaching Model)
Way forward (Health Coaching Model)
Connect (Transition Model)
Here and Now (Transition Model)
Vision (Transition Model)
Way Forward (Transition Model)
Why Am I Here?
What are my choices?
How do you know what is important to me?
What decision have we made?
What will happen next?


Healthcare Professionals
Young People


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