Remember To Be Kind

Audience – healthcare professionals

Yvonne Newbold pic

Yvonne Newbold, mother of three children with health and learning disabilities, speaking at the Patient Experience Network, a Children and Young Persons event in London Nov 2015.

Her son Toby has profound disabilities and requires a 24 hour high level of care. Yvonne gives an engaging summary of her and her son’s experience navigating the health and hospital system over his lifetime and the impact of this on him and her.

Yvonne outlines Toby’s difficulties and challenges, among these attending appointments and coping with procedures. She issues the challenge for health care professionals to not only deliver a high level of professional care but to demonstrate kindness as well. When this is demonstrated, she reports, parents and children see this and feel heard as well as feeling treated with respect.

This video will gives a personal account of parent’s experience of negotiating the healthcare system over a long period of time. It has some hints for staff about dealing with children with long term health and disability conditions.

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