Show me that you want to listen to me


Help us all (you, me and my parents) to...


Ensure I understand the choices available to me and...


Explore my views and preferences


Help us all to reach a shared agreement on...


Summarise the conversation, check our understanding and help me...


This is a short film of children and young...


Forthcoming Event

Communication Champions’ Network Event October 11th! 

The Me first Communication Champions’ network launched in February of this year with the overall goal of embedding children and young people centred communication into healthcare settings across the country via a network of Me first Communication Champions. A second event in June expanded the network and also generated some really exciting and innovative communication ideas and activities now being shared among new and existing members.

Our Communication Champions’ network is now firmly up and running and we would like to encourage any new would be Champions to join in our next event in October. Come along for a morning and meet the team as well as others in the Communication Champions’ network. Ask questions, exchange ideas and get involved!

Could you be a Communication Champion? The only prerequisite is to have previously attended a Me first Masterclass.

The Communication Champions network:

  • Provides you with a Communication Champion toolkit, to support you to promote Child and Young Person centred communication in your team and organisation.
  • Invites you to Communication Champion network events
  • Facilitates peer support and on-going learning through webinars
  • Gives you bespoke support from the Me first team.

Me first invites you to the next free Communication Champions’ network event on October 11th 2016. 

Venue: NCVO Kings Cross London N1 9RL. Time: 9:00 am – 1:00pm. Includes Breakfast: Tea, coffee and a selection of fruit and pastries.

Please drop us a line to register or for more information email: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you!