Audiance: Parents

Communication and people with the most complex needs

A report about what works in communication with people with complex needs.

Spotting the signs of child sexual exploitation for children with learning disabilities

A series of leaflets that identify the signs of sexual exploitation for children with learning disabilities

PMLD Link communication resources

A website with helpful resources about communicating with CYPs with profound and multiple learning disabilities. 

Love Life: resources for young people with learning disabilities

A collection of films and supporting resources aimed at young people aged 11 to 25 to help them learn strategies for staying safe.

Talking to children about dying

A guide with tips for talking to children about death.

Cerebra: guides for parents of children with a brain condition

A website with helpful guides for parents of children with a brain condition.

The Patient Revolution: Plan your conversation tools

A website with tools to help provide patients and caregivers with the tools and support to be full partners in clinical conversations with healthcare professionals.

A checklist to a good transition

A checklist aimed at improving the experiences of young people moving from familiar children’s services into adult services.

Wiki-Me (Rebranded as Multi Me): a family held digital information sharing and communication tool

A new digital platform being developed and trialled with CYPs with special educational needs and disabilities, their families and the people who work with them. Now rebranded as ‘Multi me’

Fixing my anxiety: Young people fixing anxiety issues

The Fixing My Anxiety project allowed young people suffering from anxiety conditions to communicate their lived
experiences and proposed solutions.