Model Stage: What will happen next?

Hetty’s Hospital app

This free app helps children reduce their anxiety when visiting the hospital.

Together for short lives: Moving to Adult Services, What to Expect

A guide for young people with life-threatening conditions making the transition to adult services.

What to expect at your forensic assessment appointment

A video to reassure children before they attend for forensic assessment.

Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool

A tool for making decisions about protecting children and young people with a unified approach.

Wellbeing Bingo Game for Young People

New co-produced wellbeing resource developed for young people to use in a peer group setting.

Golden Rules Symbols resource

A communication tool for children and young people who are non-verbal, have speech & language difficulties, and/or have additional support needs.

Talking mental health with young people at secondary school

Advice for parents and carers around talking to young people about mental health.

Youth Health Talk

Reliable information for young people, from young people

10 things to say instead of “stop crying”

This poster suggests things to say to an upset child to put them at ease.

Listening as a way of life

A set of eight leaflets about listening to children, including research, practice and method.